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Training and Instructions

Step 1: Login

After you have signed up for our affiliate program, you will receive an email with your login details. If you didn’t receive it, be sure and check your spam folder and if you are still having problems, simply request a new password under the login button in the lower left column of this site.

Step 2: Promote

Once you have registered and login to the site, you will see among other things a menu item called “Ads.” This is where you will find your specially coded affiliate links for each of the products on our site. Simply copy the code next to the product you want to promote and paste this code into your website or blog. When someone purchases that product (or any others) from this site – you will earn commission! And you will be able to track your sales, earnings and stats from within your Affiliate Center as well.

Additionally, when you login to the site, on the first page you will see your master affiliate link and a brief overview of your stats. When using this master affiliate link, visitors will be sent to the home page of the Marshmallow Marketing site and will browse at their own pace. Usually this is not the recommended link to use because browsers don’t always become buyers. Typically you will want to use links for specific products and banners (as many as you want) as this focuses attention on one action. After that, if the visitor browses around our site and adds any additional items to their cart, you will earn commission on anything purchased – not just the original product you promoted.

Step 3: Options

You will notice that each product has its own banner and you can put as many of these on your sites as you desire. In addition, we have also created banners for each of the categories listed here. This can be used to direct people to all of the products in a specific category if you have a site that is specific to one of our categories or want to highly multiple products.

Additional Questions & Training:

We will be continually adding more training to this site based upon your specific needs. If there is something you would like an answer to or have a specific question about, please leave a comment below and we will answer here it so that it may be of benefit to all.


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